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28.02.2014 Totentanz: No More (DE) + Oracle O. + Miss Fish and the Drowners – Stengade, CPH


Totentanz presents

No More (DE) – German goth and wave legends
Oracle O. – Experimental art rock
Miss Fish and the Drowners – Queer electro-new wave.

DJ Synthohol and members from the Totentanz crew will be spinning post-punk, cold wave, deathrock and minimal before, in between and after the concerts.

It all takes place at the venue, Stengade, doors open at 21:00 and the entrance fee is 50 DKK.

NO MORE is a German cult band whose sound lies somewhere in between classic goth rock and electronic experiments, sometimes inspired by traditional Middle Eastern music, sometimes by minimalism, but always with a certain decadent Cold War feel to it. The band formed in the late seventies and rose into underground fame in 1981 with the release of the cult classic Suicide Commando, a track that has been played everywhere from dark goth clubs to the flamboyant Love Parade in Berlin. During the eighties the band released two albums before disbanding. In 2008 Andy Schwarz and Tina Sanudakura reformed the group and have since played numrous concerts around Europe, including two gigs in Copenhagen, the latest at Loppen in 2010.

ORACLE O. is the artistic pairwork of Chilean guitarist Mauricio Santana and Danish/Irish lead-singer, Madeleine Kate. The duo formed in late 2012 and released their debut full-length album in the spring of 2013, an album that lead to a couple of concerts in Italy and Germany. Their sound is quite diverse but lies within the traditions of alternative rock, eerie singer-songwriter aesthetics and spoken word, and should appeal to fans of Algebra Suicide, Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch.

MISS FISH AND THE DROWNERS made their debut at Stengade two years ago supporting Black Fag, but the members of the band all share a history in the Danish underground; Drummer Maria Juntunen is also active in the bands Chop Chop Family and Nelson Can, Kenni Corvette works with bands such as Velour and The New Investors, while Miss Fish has played in numerous constellations and all over Europe with musicians such as Martin Hall, Guiseppe Bellis and the Chainsaw Eaters. Expect decadent and minimalistic electro-new wave and a flamboyant performance from the charismatic Miss Fish.

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