Miss Fish

• performace artist • singer • songwriter

17.07.2014 20-02 Miss Fish & The Drowners – CPH Queer Festival 2014 @ Warehouse9, CPH, DK



PERFORMANCE NIGHT hosted by Warehouse9


Beck Heiberg (DK) – Dance Performance
IAM what U want me 2BE

IAM what U want me 2BE is a solo piece by Beck Heiberg. The dance performance travels between the binary and by use of movement from vogue, burlesque and contemporary it forces you to wonder what, how and who! So sit back, relax and get your mind blown by this dirty and sexy way to fuck up the binary.


Arsenica Lace (DK) – Stage performance
See Her Like I Do

Arsenica Lace is a lovely lady, a charming young man – or maybe both or none of those? Clothes will be lost, and clothes will be gained, and oooh, if only you could see her like (s)he does…


Sarah Armstrong & Xiri Tara Noir – Dance performance
Up Yours!

“The formal meeting of two moving bodies underlined by privilege and normative heritance. Two anarchist crusaders in a quest towards physicality”

Sarah Armstrong is an independent artist based in Copenhagen working in the field of performance, teaching, writing, dance and choreography. She graduated from LABAN Dance University, 2011 and has performed in various performance art festivals and venues during the past years, abroad and nationally. Sarah mostly works in solo contexts which seek to either explore, damage or celebrate.Her works are concerned with themes such as; fluidity,normativity, power, failure, sex, contradictions and silliness as another form of wisdom.

Xiri Tara Noir is an activist, performance artist and choreographer based in Barcelona. The main interest and artistic concern in their work is to break the limits between their academic research and their creative investigations and practice.

Their pieces will not necessarily be understood as dance pieces for the viewer and often their work will also not be seen performed on a stage. They are interested in blurring the line between performance and everyday life the hierarchies between performer and audience, and in that way propose an artistic platform for dialogue and exchange.
In their work everything can be dance and everybody can be the dancer. They are interested in changing around the social roles in society, creating and discovering new architectonic spaces in the surroundings and get inspired by the movements and the stories which already lives and exists within the spaces.

For further contact and informatin about the project:


Goghi&Goghi, artistic collective Trento (IT)
SURVIVAL KIT – performance
A wise samurai knows that a war is not about one day: it is a sequence of strategic, ordinary and everyday moments, all of them equally important to achieve victory, hidden in the countless battles that create what we lose
or what we achieve.
A wise samurai knows the ritual of preparation before the battle is sacred, for in it strenght, agility, concentration, balance and kindness find their center. Every single day, a wise samurai repeats with the same attention the
careful gestures that will accompany him to the battlefield, until sunset.
As modern everyday samurais, five people repeat their daily ritual in an ordinary day: they get ready to go out, and slowly prepare themselves to be ready when they’ll be out. As warriors preparing themselves for a dispute, they choose and build their gender, to face the challenges and tricks of the world outside: five brave samurais finding their own way to survive.
directed by Elia Covolan,


Carla Fra Størup (DK) – Performance


Hairwerk (DK) – Performance


Miss Fish & The Drowners (DK) – Wave Punk
– live concert


moonsign – (AUS) – electro pop
– live concert


Gravhund (DK) – queer noise
– live concert


Entrance by donation.

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