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Interview in Contemporary Other by Emma Møller

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RomerRiget uge 14, 2012 (2)

3. april 2012

RomerRiget handler i dag om normalitet. Er det borgerlige samfund en barmhjertig orden, som opretholder det gode liv og sikrer velfærden? Eller er det en ensrettende samfundsmagt, som skiller det syge fra det raske og det afvigende fra det normale og tvangsregulerer vores adfærd? Er den sunde fornuft en ond undertrykker? Vi taler med læge Birgit Bundesen fra Ballerup Psykiatrisk Center og lektor Rikke Andreasen fra RUC – og møder Pippi Langstrømpe og Miss Fish, som leder efter smuthuller ud af normaliteten.. Knud Romer

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– Online magazine for fashion, music & style from the 1980’ies
miss fish is featured as “New Band”

Euroman (interview) with Marcel de Sade & Martin Hall
Det smukt svungne skråplan

Af Martin Kongstad, januar 2008

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SUBKULTUR – undergrund og modkultur
releaed 2. oktober 2010
Interview- og essaybog om danske subkulturer af Peter Grønlund
Miss Fish is interviewed about his artwork and queer lifestyle.
(In Danish)!/group.php?gid=140159276013920

with essays by: Martin Hall, Henrik List & Sara Spangsberg
DK4-TV – SALON MIDWELT – ”Autonomiens førstepersonental”
Tirsdag den 12. oktober 2010  kl. 22.00:
”Autonomiens førstepersonental” – et program om punk- og queerkultur.
Gæster: Jan Poulsen (forfatter) + Miss Fish (performer, leder af Warehouse 9).


Berlingske Tidende 2. oktober 2010
Interview by Andrea Luth

Google translation:

50 percent male, 50 percent female and 50 percent fish. To describe Jorgen Callesen from the queer community itself. By Andrea Luth 2. October 2010, 12:01 When did you realize that you did not feel comfortable with society’s norms? It dawned on me very early in my school that I did not fit into the framework, the community had set and I found out that I probably needed to look somewhere else if I would live such a life. In Denmark we are strongly bound to “Jantelov” and nationalism, so if you do not look like the others, you’re outside. Therefore, I traveled to Paris as a 17-year-old and has always had a half leg abroad.How do you feel that this is so? I think it has something to do with the fact that Denmark is a very small country and has a fear of the unknown. I think it’s really annoying and we’ll have to overcome the fear of being able to cope in the international community.How does it work in practice to be George and Miss Fish? I use Miss Fish much in my music and art and in my life when I go out in town, because that is where I feel most free, but when I do my shopoing, then I’m mostly dressed down.

Miss Fish will follow you for life?

Yeah, sure. All the things I’ve done as Miss Fish, I am incredibly proud of. Miss Fish was started as a kind of rebellion, but I’ve learned a lot, both artistically and personally. I regret nothing.